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Switch Configuration

Electrical Specifications

Power   100 W (max)
Voltage Switching 500 VDC (max)
Breakdown 500 VDC (min)
Current Switching 3 Amp (max)
Carry 3.2 Amp (max)
Resistance Initial Contact Resistance 2 Ohm (max)
Insulation Resistance 1E10 Ohm (min)
Capacitance Contact 3 pF (typical)
Temperature Operating -50 TO + 105 °C
Storage -50 TO + 105 °C

Physical/Operational Specifications

Enclosure Material   Stainless Steel
Operate Time Including Bounce 4.2 mSeconds (max)
Release Time   3.7 mSeconds (max)
Housing Volume Excluding Connection 0.82 cc-Nominal
Must Operate Distance 0.15 Inches
Wire Gage   18, 20, 22 AWG
Wire Type   UL 1180
Wire Type 2   Extruded TFE Leads
Outlet   Bottom of Enclosure
Shape   Cylindrical, Threaded
Length   109.47 mm


  • 3A/120VAC, 2A/24VDC, 2A/240VAC
  • Maintains stable contact resistance in high power/high voltage applications
  • No electrical power required to operate
  • 300 series stainless steel housing
  • No-touch end on sensing for ferrous targets or magnet
  • Standard/Metric Threading


  • Not ESD sensitive
  • No moving magnets or parts for intense reliability
  • Vacuum sealed contacts for reliability in extreme environments
  • High performance, proven dependability
  • UL 1203 listed


  • UL 1203 Listed
  • ATEX
  • IECEx